Well done Bro! 2016 | mixed by L’Man

„Well done Bro! 2016“ is an epic full-on trance mix that takes you on a journey along some of L’Man’s all-time favorite tracks and artists. He even considered trance classics like Cosmic Gate’s „Exploration of Space“ that were given a new treatment recently.Definitely a mix of timeless beauty that makes you gasp for breath. To streamline this high-density anniversary mix L’Man did a lot of own edits and mash-ups as well. So listen to „Well done Bro! 2016“, enjoy and celebrate both summer and Kämmer vs L’Man :-) Cheers!

This year Kämmer vs L’Man are celebrating their 10th anniversary. It seems a long time ago when they started doing their first mixes and sharing them with all of you. Since then things changed but nonetheless they are still busy and always keep exploring. So it comes as no surprise that in celebration of their anniversary Kämmer vs L’Man plan to deliver a range of special mixes in the course of 2016.


Well done Bro! 2016 – mixed by L’Man | TRANCE