Kämmer vs L’Man celebrate their 8th 24 SESSION this year with a traditional set of two new live mixes. Whereas L’Man delivers his trademark sound Kämmer takes us on a quite headstrong journey from crackling UK breakbeat to bassy African tribal chants in his first-ever mixtape. A handful of well-known names are among the featured artists, too, of course. Contine reading


Kämmer vs. L’Man celebrate the 6th anniversary of their traditional annual mix series 24 SESSION. While Kämmer delivers piano chords and housy beats that create an unmistakable summer feeling, L’Man brings us driving Trance full of energy and sometimes with a quite melodic approach. For the first time in history of 24 SESSION there are more than two mixes. Contine reading

Diploma Mix | mixed by L’Man

L’Man presents a new life mix which is more powerful than ever. In compliment to his label partner Kämmer, who has just made his diploma, he offers tracks from the likes of Bryan Kearney, Neelix, Paul Webster and so on. The whole mix is uplifting and straight-forward celebrating the first sun in spring. Get together, folks, and have some fun! Contine reading