As Kämmer vs L’Man are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year they decided to give a retrospective view over 10 years of 24 SESSION. This is why both Kämmer and L’Man hand-picked some beloved tracks from all previous 24 SESSIONs that sound as beautiful and timeless as on the very first day. Contine reading

End of Summer Mix 2013 | mixed by Kämmer

No doubt this year’s summer was exceptionally great. Long and warm and with kind of everything you could expect from a perfect season. So instead of waving goodbye Kämmer captures sonic moments of true deepness, cosy warmth and light-heartedness to never let go those sunny days. Vibrant house music with sparkling grooves, lush atmospheres and strong vocals make listening once again a genuine pleasure. Get yourself a drink and relax! Contine reading