Kämmer vs. L’Man celebrate the 6th anniversary of their traditional annual mix series 24 SESSION. While Kämmer delivers piano chords and housy beats that create an unmistakable summer feeling, L’Man brings us driving Trance full of energy and sometimes with a quite melodic approach. For the first time in history of 24 SESSION there are more than two mixes. Contine reading

Back to Life Mix 2011 | mixed by Elmo

L’Man is back on track and presents himself as Elmo, a new side project for a slightly different approach to dance music. It’s not going to be hard and fast as you know it from L’Man – it’s slower, darker, more techno-influenced on a 128bpm basis. He hand-picked some really nice tracks for this exclusive live mix featuring sounds from Egbert and Marc Romboy to mention but a few. Enjoy Elmo! Contine reading