Since lately L’Man has been hunting inspiration in music genres you would hardly have associated with him. Armed with a machete he slashes his way through the jungle of sounds regardless of what others might say. So we are lucky to be served with what he brings back from his trips. Contine reading


Kämmer vs L’Man celebrate their 8th 24 SESSION this year with a traditional set of two new live mixes. Whereas L’Man delivers his trademark sound Kämmer takes us on a quite headstrong journey from crackling UK breakbeat to bassy African tribal chants in his first-ever mixtape. A handful of well-known names are among the featured artists, too, of course. Contine reading

Sprossen Mix | mixed by Kämmer

It’s all green outside, there’s a whiff of pre-summer in the air and Kämmer is growing his own sprouts. A live mix of vibrant and organic house and disco tracks, that make you smile and feel good. Few of them are new, in fact. But older plants are flourishing better than ever, especially those of timeless beauty. Contine reading