Turning towards the end of the year L’Man delivers Kämmer vs L’Man’s last mix in 2014. Under his Llynch Jermyn alter ego he picked some tracks from the likes of Clavin Harris, Hardwell and Alesso for the 4th volume of Berlin-based B-INVALID SESSION series.

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Welcome back, DanielSun! Mix 2014 | mixed by Kämmer

This Live Mix is a special one since Kämmer made it for a dear colleague who returned to work after having taken some time off for his family. Luckily, now he’s sharing this little atmospheric masterpiece with us. Being inspired by the Far East, the mix is definitely meant for late night listening. Tracks from motion pictures go hand in hand with contemporary IDM and Deep House by artists like Om Unit, Koreless, Lake People and Kollektiv Turmstraße. A wonderful journey you shouldn’t miss. Contine reading


With the 3rd B-INVALID SESSION L’Man presents his new side project and alias Llynch Jermyn.
Llynch serves us 45 minutes of danceable tracks for a hot house party. Have a listen to a selection of electro house and progressive house tracks featuring the Chainsmokers, Will Spark and Moguai. Have fun! Contine reading