Awesome Autumn 2011 | mixed by L’Man

After introducing Elmo as his alter ego last month, L’Man returns with his traditional autumn mix called Awesome Autumn 2011. It’s not as uncompromisingly hard as it could be. There are lots of elevating melodic hooks and good old Trance beats. Even vocals are to be found in his mix. So all in all you can say L’Man’s autumn mix is as smooth as the season itself this year. You are warmly invited to have a listen. Enjoy! Contine reading

Back to Life Mix 2011 | mixed by Elmo

L’Man is back on track and presents himself as Elmo, a new side project for a slightly different approach to dance music. It’s not going to be hard and fast as you know it from L’Man – it’s slower, darker, more techno-influenced on a 128bpm basis. He hand-picked some really nice tracks for this exclusive live mix featuring sounds from Egbert and Marc Romboy to mention but a few. Enjoy Elmo! Contine reading

End of Summer Mix 2011 | mixed by Kämmer

Summer is about to say good bye. Time for Kämmer to deliver his traditional End of Summer Mix. His selection is driven by the sounds of Detroit techno and old-school house music. Although many of his tunes are of younger age the mix as a whole seems to be quite timeless. From the United States he makes his journey to Europe and back once again. Contine reading


Kämmer vs. L’Man continue with their legendary annual mix compilation and deliver once again two fine and very different mixes. Kämmer takes you on a live journey through deep and rough landscapes while L’Man starts with some kind of emotional Trance and ends harder than ever. Contine reading