Diploma Mix | mixed by L’Man

L’Man presents a new life mix which is more powerful than ever. In compliment to his label partner Kämmer, who has just made his diploma, he offers tracks from the likes of Bryan Kearney, Neelix, Paul Webster and so on. The whole mix is uplifting and straight-forward celebrating the first sun in spring. Get together, folks, and have some fun! Contine reading

Autumn Ten | mixed by L’Man

Even though winter has just arrived, L’Man presents his tribute to autumn via an exclusive live mix. He compiled a bunch of his favourite tracks – the season’s best as well as all-time classics given a new treatment. Among them are artists like Bryan Kearney, Sneijder and Neelix who know how to make a thrilling track. We hope you enjoy the selection!

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Kämmer vs. L’Man’s annual mix compilation is out now. As always they created two different mixes. Mr. L’Man enjoyed playing the harder styles while Kämmer concentrated on more housy disco-like and techno-influenced records. For their pleasure you can listen to both mixes. Contine reading