End of Summer Mix 2011 | mixed by Kämmer

Summer is about to say good bye. Time for Kämmer to deliver his traditional End of Summer Mix. His selection is driven by the sounds of Detroit techno and old-school house music. Although many of his tunes are of younger age the mix as a whole seems to be quite timeless. From the United States he makes his journey to Europe and back once again. Contine reading


Kämmer vs. L’Man continue with their legendary annual mix compilation and deliver once again two fine and very different mixes. Kämmer takes you on a live journey through deep and rough landscapes while L’Man starts with some kind of emotional Trance and ends harder than ever. Contine reading

Sprossen Mix | mixed by Kämmer

It’s all green outside, there’s a whiff of pre-summer in the air and Kämmer is growing his own sprouts. A live mix of vibrant and organic house and disco tracks, that make you smile and feel good. Few of them are new, in fact. But older plants are flourishing better than ever, especially those of timeless beauty. Contine reading

Diploma Mix | mixed by L’Man

L’Man presents a new life mix which is more powerful than ever. In compliment to his label partner Kämmer, who has just made his diploma, he offers tracks from the likes of Bryan Kearney, Neelix, Paul Webster and so on. The whole mix is uplifting and straight-forward celebrating the first sun in spring. Get together, folks, and have some fun! Contine reading