More than ten years of collecting, compiling and mixing music are behind us and we still love to explore new grounds. This 11th volume of our annual mix series 24 SESSION sounds and feels different, as you will notice, because we decided to challenge ourselves creating mixes that are unlike anything we’ve tried before.

Following our tradition Kämmer took care of mix #1. What you can expect from these first 50 minutes is a sonic trip – an atmospheric exploration of the darkest and eeriest corners of contemporary music. Ranging from ambient and drone to experimental movie scores and from obscure doom dub to distorted post-rock and hypnotic electro-acoustic soundscapes. What Kämmer calls a „love letter from outer space“ is best enjoyed with headphones or on a good sound system at a high volume (because of the dynamics of the music).

With mix #2 L’Man presents his take on hands up music bringing together genre classics and remixes of well-known German Schlager songs from the likes of Helene Fischer or Zillertaler Schürzenjäger. L’Man hereby creates a counter position to Kämmer’s headstrong approach – with a twinkle in his eye, of course. It’s fun to listen to what L’Man calls „a small workout for hands & feet“ – it makes you smile immediately and want to party hard later on.

In the end, 24 SESSION has always been about living the difference and with VOLUME ELEVEN this becomes clearer than ever before.

ONE – mixed by Kämmer pres. Love Letter from Outer Space | AMBIENT, DRONE, DOOM


 TWO – mixed by L’Man pres. A Small Workout for Hands & Feet | HANDS UP