End of Summer Mix 2017 pres. How R U, NYC? | mixed by Kämmer

Back in 2008 Kämmer was getting ready for his first-ever trip to New York City when he recored a mixtape called „How R U, NYC?“ which he refined after having returned from the States. This mixtape was once destined to be published by the website mondayjazz.com but for some reason that has never happened. Just lately Kämmer re-discovered the recording and decided to make it his End of Summer Mix 2017. Contine reading


More than ten years of collecting, compiling and mixing music are behind us and we still love to explore new grounds. This 11th volume of our annual mix series 24 SESSION sounds and feels different, as you will notice, because we decided to challenge ourselves creating mixes that are unlike anything we’ve tried before. Contine reading